New Life Movement International (TMA Hall Thane – 8th April 2017)

Ministered at New Life Movement International – TMA Hall Thane  – 8th April 2017

– Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias
Senior Pastor
Kingdom Seekers International Church
Founder of Eagle Vision School of Prophets International

God’s people made in His likeness and image are called to display holiness a quality of His nature – for as He is so are we in this world. It is God’s desire that we should pursue ‘peace and holiness’ an interwoven feature without which, no one will see God.

Holiness unto the Lord like marriage is two-fold – practicing the principle of the ‘leave and cleave.’  The former: ‘separation from the world and being joined to the Lord.’ The latter: ‘forsaking all others and cleaving to each other.’

After the ‘leaving’  is the ‘cleaving’ that makes intimacy with God and intimacy amid the couple enjoyable. Holiness has nothing to do with a strict dress code or eating habits. It proceeds inside, out; not outside, in.

Since it is an inward matter, we can avail of the help of the indwelling Holy Spirit, the Blood of Jesus, and our Tongue that speaks in line with God’s Word. This list of four will certainly enable us to walk in holiness.