Shekinah Glory Ministry 19 Jan 2020

Prophet Tony gave the Word at Shekinah Glory Ministry Church, Vakola – Mumbai on 19th January 2020.

The topic of the teaching was ‘Double Doors’.

He explained the meaning and the significance of Double Doors and encouraged the church to decree the Word of God to their situations, circumstances, etc and by faith to accompany the decree with some action. For faith without action is dead, the Bible tells us.

Prophet Tony prophesied over the people and also exhorted and encouraged the church and conferred the blessing upon Pastors Stephen and Loretta.

The highlights of the service was a profound prophetic action of a specific situation of a builder who has not completed the building project and denied the rent to the flat owners.

Also, recently married young couples received blessing prayer as well.

The service ended with the ministry to the people by Prophet Tony.