Grace And Mercy Ministries Church, Naigaon (West) – 21 OCT 2018

Prophet Tony Mathias teaching at Grace and Mercy Ministries’ Church overseen by Pastor Denis Falcao.

Look What The Lord Has Done!

On Sunday, 21st of Oct 2018, Prophet Tony Mathias shared an anointed Word entitled ‘The Power And Purpose of Praise‘ at ‘Grace And Mercy Ministries’ Church which is overseen by Pastor Denis at Naigaon (West) Mumbai.

He also ministered prophetically with accuracy in the Supernatural with Gifts of Revelation.

For example:
He told a young man (sailor) “You will hear your name being called like the Lord called out to little Samuel (Prophet). This was confirmed by him when he was on the deck of the ship – he heard his name being called.

To another young boy – “I see you collecting money in a container – you will be a businessman.”
This was confirmed that he was collecting money to buy chocolates and electronic games.

To a lady, he said “declare what you see that you see yourself running.”
She said ‘Yes, I have been saying I want to run like a deer’ (The Lord shall make your feet like hind’s feet scaling the mountains…)

He saw something like a cap falling on someone’s head – indicating a call to the prophetic.
The man later admitted that he felt something settling on his head lately and shared about his prophetic intercessions.

He saw the Pastor’s wife collecting seeds from various fruit, planting them in the soil indicating pastoral care supportive of the apostolic ministry her husband is called to in the coming future.

There were also healings.

These are just a few to mention. Glory To God.

God has been faithful and HE is causing the people of this Church to hunger for HIS Word and the Prophetic.

All glory to Jesus for all He did at this Church on Sunday. Praise the Lord!!!

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