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Founder, Ex-Executive Director, Senior Pastor – Kingdom Seekers International Church

Founder Director – Eagle Vision School 0f Prophets International

Anthony [Tony] Mathias from Mumbai (India) had a dream encounter and a personal tangible experience with Lord Jesus Christ in November of 1975 accompanied with waves of power and floods of joy.

Prior to this, in his quest to seek God he met with utter disappointment while exploring some major religions of the world.

The encounter with Lord Jesus was accompanied with a deep awareness of Him, dialogue, supernatural joy, infilling of the Holy Spirit, and manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The rest is history—academic, ministerial, miraculous! You willprophet-tony-ministering often hear him say: ‘Jesus is Alive!’ ‘Jesus is Lord!

Right from his encounter with Jesus, he knew that he was called to be a prophet—chosen, sanctified and sent to preach the gospel, set the captives free and fulfill the fivefold office. His full-time ministerial calling involves training and mobilizing Christians to live effective, victorious Christian lives, both inland as well as overseas. His philosophy—Ministry to the Lord, Ministry to the Church; Ministry to the world.

He says that in these ‘end times’, he has been called in an apostolic-prophetic setting to raise the ‘sons of the prophets’ subsequent to receiving an angelic visitation with a mandate in September of 2014 with a twin purpose:

1. Restoration of the Prophetic dimension to the Church.
2. Prophetic voice to the nations.

So began Eagle Vision School 0f Prophets International that would entail prophetic training, enabling students to fulfill the purpose of this school.

prophetic-booksProphet Tony was ordained and completed his ‘doctoral studies’ at ‘International Institute of Church Management’, Chennai under Dr. John Williams. In addition to the over four-decade ministry, conducting seminars, workshops, conferences, he has also authored books and audio messages as well. (To get Prophet Tony’s ebooks for free, click here.)

He lives with his wife Lynette and daughter Rachel who also assist him in his ministry along with his dedicated Core Team representing this School of Prophets.

In the matchless Name 0f Jesus!