YEAR 2017

Testimonies for the Prophetic Conference 2017

The prophetic conference (EVSOPI) was well organised and extremely beneficial to those who hunger for the supernatural. It served as a foundation and eye opener to many misconceptions of the prophetic and the prophets role in the building of the church.

All the speakers poured out their hearts with the Word and testimonies to unravel the unseen realm of the Spirit, also calling the church to move in the power of the Holy Spirit.
It was good to also see young prophet’s (Paramjeet Makhani and Sachin Kamble) moving in the power and anointing of God.

The time of individual prophetic ministering by the presbytery was an added blessing to all those who attended the conference and needed a prophetic word from the lord.
A big thank you to Prophet Tony and his team for labouring and organising this conference to sow into the body of Christ.

– Pastors Derrick and Kim (Kingdom Seekers Church)

The EVSOPI Conference was truly a great blessing for me. I was not only blessed, but the Lord caused me to be a blessing for others as well. I learned a lot of things that day and the Lord spoke to me powerfully directly as well as indirectly through all the 4 speakers. The Lord also ministered to me the entire week after the conference and I believe I have entered into a new season after the conference. Even during the Prophetic presbytery the Lord enabled me to minister accurately in the Prophetic and deliverance to people. This conference was an excellent one. All praise, glory and honour to God!!!

– Shane Picardo

The prophetic conference was a resounding success. Not because we kept the people engaged but rather because we brought forth revelation of the need to re-establish the prophetic and the Five-Fold ministry. The entire event saw the hand of God, beginning with Anointed worship led by Pastor Derrick & his team. Prophet Tony, Prophet Francis, Prophet Paramjeet and Prophet Sachin brought about anointed teaching and encouragement from God’s word. The volunteers too served selflessly and made the people feel comfortable. All glory to Abba Daddy for making this conference a success.

– Dr. Jonathan D’Souza