Simple Steps To Answered Prayer — Prophet Tony Mathias

simplestepstoansweredprayerOnce saved through receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior Romans 10:9, you can position yourself to receive answers to prayer. Secondly, make sure you have no unconfessed sin in your heart that includes unforgiveness for that displeases God. Sin will prevent your prayers being answered.

If you don’t forgive people, your Father will not forgive your wrongdoing. Galatians 5:19-21; Psalms 66:18; Matthew 6:15; Isaiah 59:2.

The good news is that if you repent, confess your sins and forgive, He will forgive you. 1 John 1:7-9

Having done this, let me share with you simple steps to answered prayer.

1. ASK
If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. James 4:2-3
If you ask the Father in the Name of Jesus you receive. John 16:23
Ask and make sure what you are asking is in line with God’s Word. God does not answer prayers that do not line up with His Word. His Word is His will for you. Jeremiah 1:12

“What things soever you desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” – Mark 11:24. When you ask God for something believe you receive the answer to your prayer instantly – in the supernatural. Believe He heard your prayer and answered it at that very moment because you asked in Jesus Name, in line with His Word or Will and in faith taking Him at His Word. Use your God-given imagination to see yourself presently with it [now] and that pleases Him. Hebrews 11:6.

3. WAITpowerinprayer.jpg
“Wait on the Lord…wait, I say, on the Lord.” – Psalms 27:14
The ‘waiting time’ is that interval of time between the asking and the demonstration of it where you actually see or feel it in the natural. Now this waiting time is crucial because Satan will try to make you doubt God heard and answered you.

So what do you do? Thank, praise and worship God because He answered your prayer. That is faith-in-action – acting like you have it before you see it with your physical eyes.

MANIFEST [Demonstrate / Display]
From your side, you have taken the first three steps. From God’s side He heard you and now manifests the answer to your prayer. Make sure you thank Him for manifesting the answer to your prayer.

If you will follow these simple steps, you will see an answer to all of your prayers big or small. We serve a big God! – Dare to believe and act on His Word and reap the benefits of answered prayer. ‘Now, Faith is the assurance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen. Hebrews 11:1.

Are You A Promise Breaker Or A Promise Keeper? — Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

Are you a promise-keeper or a promise-breaker?

How would you feel if someone broke his promise to you? How would the other feel if you did the same? How would God feel if you broke your promise to Him? – Even the world does not respect people who break promises.

Jeremiah 1:12. God always keeps His Word. So we too should.godofpromise

Because…“As He is, so are we in this world.” 1 John 4:17. God hears every promise we make and He will hold us accountable for our promises Luke 12:3. Matthew 12:36.

Many Christians do not walk with honesty and integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching. For example: If someone walked out of a store with an article and forgot to pay for it, he should go back and pay for it if he is a person of integrity. – God honors the man who keeps his word. Psalms 12:2-4.

Here are some forms of lying God hates! – You say you will come to church on time and reach late or don’t show up. You say, I’ll meet you at the station at a certain time and you don’t show up. You tell your neighbor you stopped by to get some sugar, but the reason was to see the visitors in her home. You got the sugar and saw the visitors too! Telling a person a partial truth is a lie.

“I will call you back tomorrow.” – You don’t call back at the appointed time or call much later date with excuses – You lied. God hates it! – A broken promise is a sin judged by the Lord. Numbers 30:1-2: Leviticus 27:9; Ecclesiastes 5:4; Matthew 5:33-37.

It amounts to a broken trust and relationship. How can we ever be trusted if we don’t keep our word? God expects us to keep our word to the “best of our ability.”

If God doesn’t keep His word He is no good! If we don’t keep our word, we are no good! You are as good or as bad as your word. You are identified by your words! When people of the world look at you as a Christian do they find the difference?

Broken promises hurt and amount to lying. Repent!

Jesus always kept His Word. God still keeps His Word and is faithful to keep every promise He makes in the Bible. That is why He is reliable and we can trust Him. We are called to be like Him. -Lying causes hurt, disappointment, and disharmony in the body of Christ. It makes people lose respect, creates conflicts destroys relationships.

Matthew 5:37 – If you keep your word, people will respect you and follow your lead.

Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you value your word, you will be careful to keep it. When circumstances out of control – apologize, make facts known in advance.

Two main reasons we lie are ‘Fear’ of consequences; and ‘Pride,’ man’s approval. What others think of us?

Are Christians guilty of lying? – Very much!
What happens when people make it a habit to lie? Lake of Fire Revelation 21:8.
Is there hope? Yes! Repent!

Ask God to help you keep your word; be determined to keep your word. When circumstances are out of control – apologize, make facts known in advance.

Conclusion: – God always keeps His Word so must we. Breaking our promise to God or to another would amount to broken trust and relationship. It makes people lose respect, creates conflicts and destroys relationships. You are as good as your Word. Two main reasons we lie are ‘Fear’ of consequences; and ‘Pride,’ man’s approval. – What others think of us?

Ask God to help you keep your word; be determined to keep your word. When circumstances out of control – apologize, make facts known in advance.

Let us pray – Father, forgive me for lying at times. Help me never to break my promises to You and to others. Help me to keep my word. And whenever I am unable to, apologize and make the facts known in advance. In Jesus Name!