YEAR 2022

Ministry at Kingdom of Life Church on 13th November 2022

Prophet Tony Mathias had the privilege of visiting and ministering at KINGDOM OF LIFE CHURCH
Santa Cruz (W), Mumbai on 13th November 2022. Pastored by Dinesh and Anita Balani.

The service began with Pastor Dinesh leading in Praise and Worship accompanied by Bro Sanjeev on the keyboard.

The Praise and Worship took off with a couple of Hindi songs, followed by another set of Hindi songs by Pastor Aniket a visiting Pastor

This created a good atmosphere to receive the Word for the evening.

Pastor Tony then stepped in and took a few minutes singing in the spirit and the Prophetic Word began to flow.

It was followed with the breaking of the Word entitled:



  • Much worship
  • Many healed
  • Many words of knowledge
  • Many prophecies
  • Many Baptised in the Holy Spirit
  • Many broke out in tongues
  • Many with gold dust on their hands
  • Prophetic Word for Pastors Dinesh – Anita and the Church

All Glory to JESUS alone!

Highest Praise Church August 2022 “MONTH OF PRAYER” 16th – 31st August’22

Highest Praise Church has set this Month of August to be the “MONTH OF PRAYER” which started from 16th – 31st August’22.

Every evening the highlights of this event are Worship, Word & Intercession starting from 7pm to 9pm.

On the 4th day i. e. on the 19th Pas. Nainan invited Pas. Tony Mathias to share the Word. And the topic he spoke about was “HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE”. He told the congregants that our calling is to be like Jesus. To set the captives. As He is so are we in this world. 1 Jn 4:17. And he showed the congregation how to do it.

Just 3 words: Proclamation which is Proclaiming/Preaching; Explanation which is teaching; Activation which is faith in action. And gave various examples from the Bible of how the same was done (3 words).

The teaching was concluded by getting the people to declare declarations regarding the various needs in their lives.

The service began with a powerful time of Praise & Worship. It ended with Intercession for the needs that were placed in the tray (various prayer petition cards) conducted by 3 Prayer Warriors. All were blessed and were looking forward to being present for the next day’s event.

Sunday service of Shekinah Glory Ministries -Vakola Mumbai on 2nd Jan 2022

On 02nd Jan 2022, at the Sunday service of Shekinah Glory Ministries -Vakola Mumbai, there was anointed praise and worship led by Bro Babloo on guitar, Sandesh on the Keyboard with the Team, and with Pastor Stephen on the Shofar.

Rachel with her Ukulele presented a beautiful Hindi worship song, accompanied by Ansel her husband, and Pastor Lynette her mother.

Pastor and Prophet Tony then conducted the renewal of marriage vows for Pastor Stephen and Pastor Loretta who celebrated their 25th Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary (of 30 December 21) with the cutting of the Silver Jubilee Wedding Cake.

He prayed, blessed, and prophesied over them.

Prophet Tony then released the prophetic word, followed by his sermon topic ‘God is shaking all things’ – to the assembly present that would also include his hearers not present

People were ministered to and some healings did take place

To God be the glory!