YEAR 2020

Ministry at New Life Fellowship Association, Nerul – Navi Mumbai

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Thanks be to God our Father for Pas. Daniel Kinkhar of New Life Fellowship Association, Nerul – Navi Mumbai for inviting Prophet and Pas. Tony to minister in his church and break the word.

So on 15th March 2020 Pastors Tony and Lynette were honoured by NLF church by presenting them with a bouquet of flowers.

And before Prophet Tony could minister, Rachel and Ansel led in a song thereby creating an atmosphere of receptivity to the supernatural which allowed
Prophet Tony to prophesy over a couple of people.

He then prophesied over the congregation and had a specific word for the widows, doctors, nurses, businessmen, etc.

Prophet Tony then began his teaching with a poem which provoked the people to ponder on Mt 7:7 – ASK, SEEK & KNOCK by asking them –
How is your relationship with God?
Is it Monologue or Dialogue? Or
Are you too busy for God?

Incidentally, the topic of his teaching was “Are you too busy for God?” (Haggai 1).

He explained what keeps Christians busy and gave several examples of people who had no time for God and then he showed how they could get free from it by doing 4 things.

1. Throw away the idol of busyness
2. Spend time with God through Word and Prayer
3. Fellowship with God’s people
4. Walk in holiness

He then had a ministry for the people and several people were free from bad dreams, back pains, ear problems, etc.

Even after the Sunday service was over, people still gathered round him to be prayed for their personal problems.

Later on, only the core members, elders and leaders had a meeting where Prophet Tony highlighted about ‘Mentor and Protege’, explained their roles and it was an interactive session for questions and answer time.

The church members were greatly blessed.

All praise and glory to JESUS for using Prophet Tony mightily for His Glory.


Ministry at Shekinah Glory Ministry Church (Vakola, Mumbai)

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Prophet Tony gave the Word at Shekinah Glory Ministry Church (SGM), Vakola on 19th January 2020.

The topic of the teaching was ‘Double Doors’.

He explained the meaning and the significance of Double Doors and encouraged the church to decree the Word of God to their situations, circumstances, etc and by faith to accompany the decree with some action.
For faith without action is dead, the Bible tells us.

Prophet Tony prophesied over the people and also exhorted and encouraged the church and conferred the blessing upon Pastors Stephen and Loretta.

The highlights of the service was a profound prophetic action of a specific situation of a builder who has not completed the building project and denied the rent to the flat owners.

Also recently married young couples received blessing prayer as well.

The service ended with the ministry to the people by Prophet Tony.