A Word From The Prophet’s Pen – April 2020 (Dose of Prophecy)

While you are in the ‘Eye of the Storm,’ during this stressful period of time, I the Lord your God will ‘guard and guide’ you to manoeuvre peacefully.

You have nothing to fear for I am in your boat.

Was I not the One in the boat with despairing disciples gripped with fear who said: ‘Peace be Still’ to the roaring winds and swirling waves – and it was calm at My Word?

As you commune with Me in the Secret Place, I will write letters to you in the Spirit which will be despatched by My faithful angels into your letter-box – spirit man deep within you from time to time.

You must read, ponder and respond.

I will not negate the good plans I have for you which will come to pass as you acknowledge Me in all your ways. I will keep you safe from destiny – Killers.

When I say ‘Stand-Still’, you be still. When I say Move – you move.

The pillar of cloud and fire will accompany you in the spirit and enable you to reach your destination just as I did to My servants in the Book of Exodus, going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day or night…

The time is at hand, there is coming an exodus and my coming now is sooner than ever before…

Be Blessed and Highly Favoured!

2 thoughts on “A Word From The Prophet’s Pen – April 2020 (Dose of Prophecy)

  1. Approriate word , very encouraging word as per Covid – 19 situation. Lord Jesus gave me 4 verses from the Bible for me 1) Noah’s Flood span 40D/40N and how God saves Noah & family 2) Moses time Plagues God saves Moses & the entire Nation of Israel 3) David & Goliath ( picture of Covid-19 ) full Nation of Israel trembles , except David who knows is God & how God delivers Israel through David 4) Jesus and the Disciples in the Boat & Storm ( Covid – 19) and Jesus Christ just gets up and calms the Storm . Who is this Jesus that even the Storm ( Covid – 19) also obeys? . I also confirm Prophet Tony Mathias word. Amen


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