A Word From The Prophet’s Pen – Aug 2019 (Dose of Prophecy)

Get in the boat! Get in the boat!
You say you’re my disciple? Get in the boat!

You’re worried there might be a storm?
You’re right there’s going to be a storm!

But I have news for you, I’ll handle the storm!
I’ll keep you afloat, I’m already in the boat

Get in the boat to the other side; I’ll get you safely to the other side!

Let’s cross to the other side,
Not a request, but an order by large.

Though your ship a-battered, stern criss-crossed.
Rudder broken, sail ripped apart.

Stay in the ship, don’t go overboard.
A miracle awaits you on the other side!

Get in the boat to the other side; I’ll get you safely to the other side!

I hear the Lord saying:

‘When the enemy shall come in, like a river My Spirit will make him flee.’

What matters is not the storm, but what you do in the midst of the storm. Fear not! Every storm will eventually run out of rain. Your storm is almost over. Trust in Me. Lean not unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Me.

‘Master! Master! – you cry my boat is flooding in the sea of life – problems overwhelming galore at every turn I take, seem to increase rather than subside.

He says to you:
Fear not! I am with you. I am in your boat in the stormy sea. I am glad you welcomed me. I will not jump out of your boat. We are in this together. Trust me to give you victory and make you an overcomer. When the enemy comes in, like a river I will chase him out. In fact, you resist him and he will flee from you in terror. If you fear not, your unbelief will vanish into oblivion.

‘Oh, I how I long to teach you how to live not just in a storm but through a storm to get you often to the other side, for what matters most is not the storm, but what you do in the midst of it. Therefore, I have given you My Word – a lamp unto your feet and light unto your path and My Spirit works closely with My Word to counsel and guide you and bring it to pass. Hearken to His voice!

‘I the Lord your God teach you how to profit and prosper in all your ways so you can tell others what I did for you and they too would turn to me and be blessed.

‘I desire that you would thrive beyond the storm and not just survive the storm. I have a strategy to get you through the storm. I have made you an overcomer. The first thing you need to do is rely on My promises, for when I give you a command and a destination, I always back it up with a promise.

You want to get through the storm? – take me at My Word!

Are you holding on to broken pieces of life, broken relationships, shattered dreams…hold on! He says: I can turn the tide and calm the angry sea.

Finally, as a word of encouragement.

It is darkest before dawn – Your storm is almost over your miraculous season of change is on the way, as you walk in the fear of the Lord! Like the rainbow often appears after the storm has ceased ponder over it as a sign and promise from God. Believe that! – Give God the praise!

Be Blessed and Highly favoured!

In the matchless Name of Jesus Christ – the Storm-Stiller, the Liberator!

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