Plan Your Departure Well — Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

You may be a traveler familiar with the airport having made several flights inland overseas. What do you find there that is so familiar? – Baggage Check; Document Check – Visa, Passport, Security Check, Baggage & Boarding Tags, Arrival-Departure Timings…

A story is told about a young boy who was taken to the airport and was shown planes leaving and ascending in the air up into the skies. He suddenly said to his father “Daddy, I want to die.” This shocking statement caught his father off guard! His father asked him why he wanted to die…he said “so I can go to heaven”. His father replied that he was glad he wanted to go to heaven…but that he wouldn’t die and go to heaven until God was ready, and until then, he could just enjoy being down here.

There is no fear for those who know Christ – it is like a departure…cutting loose from the bonds of this life…and catching our flight to the next world! For those who don’t know Christ there can be a great fear of death.

How does Paul react to- “The time for my departure has arrived!” He was eager to depart Philippians 1:21-23; 2 Timothy 4:6-8 – Why?

1. He won the fight (2 Timothy 4:7)
He said – “I have fought the good fight.” It gave him scars but made him a star!

What were these scars? – Prison; Flogging; Stoning; Shipwreck; bandits; near death encounters; hunger, thirst; sleeplessness; cold, naked; dangers…2 Corinthians 11
The good news was that he knew he would be with Christ!

How does that apply to us? – We may have faced tough times difficulties but have been faithful and victorious too, so we can face our departure with joy. Therefore we are encouraged to fight the good fight remain faithful, at difficult times…     Because we know – departure here… means arrival in heaven!

2. ‘He finished the race’ (Timothy 4:7)
It began when he met Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus. We too started well when we encountered Lord Jesus Christ. But, though a good start is important….a good finish is most important…If we give up before our race is over….we have failed to finish the race for whatever reason.  – Paul faced his departure with confidence because he had finished the race and assignment…so can we if we finish the race, finishing our assignment!

God has a plan for our lives he wants us to complete – Every workman takes pride in a project well-done. But the finishing of the project is vitally important. Many give up even before the project is completed.

John 18:37. The life of Jesus is a prime example – birth, ministry, death, resurrection – ‘For this cause I was born and for this cause I have come into the world.’ And He said ‘it is finished.’ – The life of every Christian has also been designed by the Heavenly Father to fulfill a specific purpose Jeremiah 29:11; Psalms 40:7-8

We can discover God’s plan for our lives by presenting our bodies daily as a living sacrifice to God in worship Romans 12:1-2. [‘Fellowship brings birthing.’] – We will then hear His voice clearly saying: – ‘This is the way walk ye in it.’

3. ‘He kept the faith’ (2 Timothy 4:7)
Paul remained faithful to Christ to the end despite battles, difficulties, dangers and temptations along the way…… We too must keep [watch over, guard] the faith, remain faithful to Christ. Satan and others would like to see us fail…steal our joy! We must watch over or guard our faith because it is precious.

4: Reward – Crown of Righteousness (2 Timothy 4:8; Revelation 2:10)
We may not see a lot of reward here on earth…but one day, if we remain faithful…. we will receive the “crown of righteousness” Paul says, “Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness” 2 Timothy 4:8 – He explains that this crown of righteousness is available to everyone who …fights the good fight…finishes the race…keeps the faith!!

At the Terminal or gate of departure, we enter our flight.  We are excited to complete the journey because, at end of the flight, there is arrival where we have a triple encounter:

Reunion of loved ones; Reunion with the friendly Judge; Reward – Crown of Righteousness

A task once begun should never be abandoned till it’s done, be the labor great or small; Do it well or not at all. We may be on the right track, but we don’t get anywhere if we just sit there.

As Christians we ought to help one another – Paul commended those who helped him in Rome. In his letter to the Romans [chapter 16] he said: Greet Phoebe who has been the helper of many; Greet Mary who labored much for us;

The Lord says: Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you; before you were born, I ordained and empowered you to complete your life assignment Jeremiah 1:5– We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good things planned beforehand that we should accomplish!

What will you carry with you when you depart? Surely not a baggage – but a rich experience of serving the Lord completing his assignments for your life – Jesus is coming soon, are you ready?

Plan Your Departure well! – So you will hear Him say: ‘Well done thou good and faithful servant enter thou into the joy of the Lord’

Be Blessed!

Are You A Promise Breaker Or A Promise Keeper? — Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

Are you a promise-keeper or a promise-breaker?

How would you feel if someone broke his promise to you? How would the other feel if you did the same? How would God feel if you broke your promise to Him? – Even the world does not respect people who break promises.

Jeremiah 1:12. God always keeps His Word. So we too should.godofpromise

Because…“As He is, so are we in this world.” 1 John 4:17. God hears every promise we make and He will hold us accountable for our promises Luke 12:3. Matthew 12:36.

Many Christians do not walk with honesty and integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching. For example: If someone walked out of a store with an article and forgot to pay for it, he should go back and pay for it if he is a person of integrity. – God honors the man who keeps his word. Psalms 12:2-4.

Here are some forms of lying God hates! – You say you will come to church on time and reach late or don’t show up. You say, I’ll meet you at the station at a certain time and you don’t show up. You tell your neighbor you stopped by to get some sugar, but the reason was to see the visitors in her home. You got the sugar and saw the visitors too! Telling a person a partial truth is a lie.

“I will call you back tomorrow.” – You don’t call back at the appointed time or call much later date with excuses – You lied. God hates it! – A broken promise is a sin judged by the Lord. Numbers 30:1-2: Leviticus 27:9; Ecclesiastes 5:4; Matthew 5:33-37.

It amounts to a broken trust and relationship. How can we ever be trusted if we don’t keep our word? God expects us to keep our word to the “best of our ability.”

If God doesn’t keep His word He is no good! If we don’t keep our word, we are no good! You are as good or as bad as your word. You are identified by your words! When people of the world look at you as a Christian do they find the difference?

Broken promises hurt and amount to lying. Repent!

Jesus always kept His Word. God still keeps His Word and is faithful to keep every promise He makes in the Bible. That is why He is reliable and we can trust Him. We are called to be like Him. -Lying causes hurt, disappointment, and disharmony in the body of Christ. It makes people lose respect, creates conflicts destroys relationships.

Matthew 5:37 – If you keep your word, people will respect you and follow your lead.

Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you value your word, you will be careful to keep it. When circumstances out of control – apologize, make facts known in advance.

Two main reasons we lie are ‘Fear’ of consequences; and ‘Pride,’ man’s approval. What others think of us?

Are Christians guilty of lying? – Very much!
What happens when people make it a habit to lie? Lake of Fire Revelation 21:8.
Is there hope? Yes! Repent!

Ask God to help you keep your word; be determined to keep your word. When circumstances are out of control – apologize, make facts known in advance.

Conclusion: – God always keeps His Word so must we. Breaking our promise to God or to another would amount to broken trust and relationship. It makes people lose respect, creates conflicts and destroys relationships. You are as good as your Word. Two main reasons we lie are ‘Fear’ of consequences; and ‘Pride,’ man’s approval. – What others think of us?

Ask God to help you keep your word; be determined to keep your word. When circumstances out of control – apologize, make facts known in advance.

Let us pray – Father, forgive me for lying at times. Help me never to break my promises to You and to others. Help me to keep my word. And whenever I am unable to, apologize and make the facts known in advance. In Jesus Name!

Are You Too Busy For God? — Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

Haggai 1

Idols have always stood in the way of our relationship with God. Prophet Haggai told Israel they were too busy for God, they had left God’s temple in ruins, doing other things resulting in lack and dissatisfaction. When they repented threw off this Idol of Busyness, obeyed God, rebuilt His temple and invited Him to live with them, God promised to be with them.

Busyness is one of the greatest idols people worship in their daily routine, not just cars or homes. It blocks Intimacy with God fellowship with family and friends and brings lack and dissatisfaction: “All our busy rushing ends in nothing” Psalms 39:6

Johannes Facius international speaker with recognized intercessory ministry wrote a book “God can do it without me” The title itself can spell the peril of being too busy for God. We can be too busy for God with many commitments on our calendars. but we will have to answer God what kept us busy [as stewards of time] on earth. 2 Corinthians 5:10

Is your temple in ruins? – What have you done with this idol of busyness? Have you crowded God out of your life? Is your busy schedule more important? How’s your relationship with God and His people?

What is the Outcome?
Without God you will not be satisfied. Without ‘believers fellowship’ you are alone. Have you planted much, harvested little?”

Have you discovered the Missing Link?
Spending quality time with God in the Word and Prayer. When Israel threw off that ‘Idol of spendingtimewithgodBusyness’ and rebuilt His temple, the Lord dwelled with them. Similarly, your personal temple needs rebuilding that is rebuilding your relationship with God. How?

Cast away that idol of busyness; spend time with God in Word and prayer; Fellowship with God’s people daily; Walk in holiness. Matthew 6: 33

“We must work the works of Him Who sent Me and be Busy with His Business while it is daylight John 9:4.” When the Lord is our shepherd we will not lack Psalms 23:1

Let us pray – Father I cast away this idol of busyness. Help me spend time with You in the Word and in prayer, to fellowship with Your people, walk in holiness and do the works You have assigned me to do. In Jesus Name!

Faith Declaration — A Must Say Every Day (By Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias)

Begin your day with this Prophetic declaration by faith to see a complete change in your daily circumstances.


This is the day which the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. I give thanks for this perfect day of completion; Thy will be done this day. Miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall not cease

I look with wonder at all that is before me.

I am brimming over with good health. As in the days of my youth so is my strength,

I send out goodwill so I am at peace.

God works even adverse situations for my good.

None of these things move me.

Every person is a golden link in the chain of my good.

My barns are full and my cup overflows.

I know the truth and the truth sets me free.

I prepare for my good. I dig my ditches showing active faith.

I have a wonderful work [business] in a wonderful way; I give wonderful service for wonderful pay.

I stand still and see Your salvation.

I cast this burden on Christ within and I go free

Behold now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation.

God is never late. He’s always on time. With Him all things are possible.

Behold! I have set before thee the open door of Destiny no man shall shut it, for it nailed back.

Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done in my mind, in my body, and in my affairs.

I desire only that which God desires for me.

He that began a good work in me will carry it to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.

As one door shuts another door opens.

What is rightfully mine is given to me under grace in perfect ways.

I give and I receive pressed down shaken together running over.

I will not limit the Holy One of Israel who is able to do more than I think or imagine. I will enlarge my expectancy.

I do not fight the battle. I stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

The walls of lack and delay now crumble away and I enter my Promised Land under Grace.

The waters of my Red Sea part and I pass over on dry land. I now go forward into my Promised Land.

I attract things I give a lot of thought to.

I expect a change for the better. I change my expectancy I change my condition. I prepare for my good.

Expectancy is the substance of things hoped for. The thing I expected [feared] has come upon me.

My soul, wait thou upon God for my expectation is from Him.

Behold I make all things new.

Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done.

I pray with praise and thanksgiving.

God’s ways are ingenious, His methods are sure.

I will be a good giver and a good receiver.

Peace be within my walls and prosperity within my palaces. Peace and prosperity go hand in hand

Life and death are in the power of the tongue, therefore, I will watch my conversation. I will watch my words.

I give cheerfully, for God loves a cheerful giver and my giving opens the way for receiving. I receive pressed down shaken together running over

With thanksgiving, I bless the money I have and it comes back multiplied to me in the right way and the right time.

Divine order is established in my mind body and affairs.

The Almighty shall be my defense and I shall have plenty of silver.

Now is the appointed time, this is the day of my good fortune, miracles shall follow miracles and signs and wonders shall not cease.

Whatever I desire or require is already planted on my pathway.

The unexpected happens my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass.

God has given me a land, for which I did not labor, and cities I did not build and I dwell in them; vineyards and olive yards I planted not, do I eat.

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not lack.

Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of abundance forever.

My God is a God of plenty and I now receive all that I desire or require, and more.

Endless good comes to me in endless ways.

I remember the Lord, my God, for it is He who gives me power to get wealth.

I have plenty. My barns are full, my cup overflows.

I sow bountifully and reap abundantly.

I have plenty. My barns are full, my cup overflows.

I am blessed in my going out and blessed coming in.

I am blessed financially and spiritually and in all aspects.

The Lord be magnified who takes pleasure in my prosperity.

God is my inexhaustible supply.

I am abundantly supplied. God is my unfailing supply.

Now is the appointed time. Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.

Blessed be the Lord who daily loads me with benefits.

My barns are full my cup overflows with joy.

The Lord restores to me the years the locusts have eaten

The Lord God Almighty teaches me how to profit and leads me by the way I should go.

The blessing of the Lord makes rich and he adds no sorrow to it.

I look with wonder at all that is before me.

God works in unexpected ways His wonders to perform.

With divine enthusiasm, I bless what I have, and look with wonder at their increase.

The Angel of the Lord encamps around me who fears the Lord and delivers me from every evil work.

The righteous are as bold as a lion. Even though I walk through I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil

If God is for me who can be against me?

I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower. I run into it and am safe for I have His righteousness.

The eternal God is my refuge and underneath lie His everlasting arms. I have the righteousness of God, therefore, I am bold as a lion

The joy of the Lord is my strength. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

When my ways please the Lord He makes even my enemies be at peace with me

I dwell in the secret place of the Most High and under the shadow of the Almighty, safe and secure.

My word shall not return unto me void, but shall accomplish wherever I send it.

He sent forth His Word and healed me.

Pleasant words are as a honeycomb sweet to the soul and health to the bones.

He watches over His Word to perform it.

I dwell in the secret place of the Most High and under the shadow of the Almighty.

No evil shall befall me, no plague comes nigh my dwelling.

His angels take charge over me accompanying me in all my ways.

God protects my interest. My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath lie the everlasting arms.

I will both lay me down in peace and sleep the Lord makes me dwell in safety.

I ask I receive; I seek I find; I knock and the door always opens. I prepare for my blessing.

Before I call He answers.

Sin, sickness, and disease shall not lord it over me, they have no power over me for Jesus is Lord of my life. I am no longer under the Law but under Grace.

I deny fatigue, for there is nothing to tire me. I am brimming with life and good health all over my body.

I am healed because Jesus was wounded.

My presence will go with you and I shall give you peace.

The Lord keeps me in good health and gives me a full life span.

He who calls upon the Lord shall be saved.

As in the days of my youth so shall my strength be

Behold, now is the accepted time, this is the day of my salvation

I cast this burden on Christ within and go free…

I stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

My trips are divinely planned, designed and financed under grace in perfect ways.

The Lord teaches me to profit and leads me the way I should go.

I expect a change for the better; my best days are ahead.

The gift of man makes room for him and brings him before established people.

Let the weak say I am strong, I, therefore, say I am strong.

The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?

I overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus and the Word of my testimony.

No evil shall befall me, no plague shall come near my dwelling.

Jesus took my infirmities weakness distress and bore my sickness and with his stripes I am healed.

He that has begun a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ. By grace, I am saved through faith which is God’s gift to me. I am an heir of God and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ.

He says – “I will never leave you, Ii will never forsake you. I am with you always.” His angels protect me. This is the day the Lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not lack. He is going to lead me in the path of righteousness.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for his rod and staff comfort me. He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Surely goodness and mercy, not sickness and death, shall follow me all the days of my life. I am more than a conqueror through him. He always causes me to triumph in him. He has delivered me and yet shall deliver me and preserve me. He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. The Lord is my strength and deliverance.

The Eternal God is my refuge and underneath are his everlasting arms. No weapon that is fashioned against me will prevail. Nothing shall hurt me. God has not given me a spirit of fear but of love power and self-control. I make sure to meditate and obey his Word for He said that I would be like a tree planted by rivers of water that brings fruit in season and whatever I did would.

I am his workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for me to do. I commit my ways to Him and He directs my path.

Bible Scriptures That Speak Of Prophecy — Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

Here is a comprehensive list of Bible verses that speak of Prophecy.

1. Exodus 4:12Now therefore go and I will be with thy mouth and teach thee what thou shalt say.

2. Numbers 12:6-7I will make myself known to him in a vision and speak to him in a dream.

3. 1 Chronicles 16:22 — Do not touch my anointed ones and do my prophets no harm.

4. 2 Chronicles 20:20 — Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established; believe his prophets and you shall prosper.

5. Joel 2:28 — Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.

6. Jeremiah 1:5 — Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you. I ordained you a prophet to the nations.

7. Jeremiah 28:9 When the word of the prophet shall come to pass then shall the prophet be known to have been truly sent by the Lord.

8. Acts 2:18 —Even on my servants both men and women I will pour out my Spirit in those days and they will prophesy.

9. Romans 12:6 We have different gifts according to grace given to us. If a man’s gift is prophesying let him use it in proportion to his faith.

10. 1 Corinthians 14:22 — Prophecy is for believers not for unbelievers.

11. 1 Corinthians 14:32 — The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

12. 1 Corinthians 14:39My brothers covet to prophesy.

13. 1 Samuel 9:9 — For he that is now called a prophet was earlier called a seer.

Change Your World — Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

This audio book is power packed with dynamic words to program your potential for success – specific programming vocabulary worded in a specific way to erase and replace old negative programming with new positive, productive programming to Change Your World.

Shocking Biblical Truths About Money — Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

Many think that the Bible is against wealth, and that money itself is the root of all evil. Many think the poor are blessed along with those who have taken the “vow of poverty” for hundreds of years. Wrong! The Bible says: “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

Is God against you spending too much money? Do you think He wants you to go through life worried about paying your bills? Does God want you to live a life stressed about money? – Struggling to survive? – No!

How could we expect God to take care of our needs including basics of food clothes and shelter if money were evil? The fact is that most spend their lives working for money to take care of their families and future. Maybe you are one stressed out at paying bills speculating if you over-spent buying an expensive car or renting a comfortable house.

The Bible says: “Money answers all things.”
God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants. He is for wealth, not against it. Poverty is a curse, not a blessing [Deuteronomy 28]. God does not want you to struggle or be anxious about money through life or be anxious about your future. Since money answers all things many problems are connected with it including marriage – Money is a great source of stress.

“Why was I created?” “Does God have a purpose for my life?” These are important questions to ask. How pathetic to tell Him at the point at death, I could not fulfill my God-given destiny because I was always concerned about how to pay my bills – We also need to know what God thinks about money otherwise needless anxiety over money will continue. Here are some shocking Biblical truths about money, business, and profit.

If you are God’s child:

A] He wants you to prosper
Proverbs 10:22 (AMP) “The blessing of the Lord makes rich, and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it].” – God’s blessing on your life produces riches. The reason we all are not rich is because we forget we are in partnership with God and have a role to play to receive His financial blessing.

B] He wants you to be wealthy
Genesis 12:1-3; 13:2 God made Abram wealthy on purpose to bless others. He was very rich. He was also given the Promised Land [title deed] that when cultivated and farmed could support an entire nation. He was not only blessed spiritually but temporally for his enjoyment. God is trying to make us wealthy as well so we can bless others.

C] He wants you to make good profit (Proverbs 14:23; Isaiah 48:17; Deuteronomy 8:18; Galatians 3:7; Luke 19:11-15)
God wants His people to labor and live through biblical principles – the principles of the King of kings to understand how to make profit. He says: I the Lord teach you how to profit and because He is the God of profit He will even inspect your profit. One reason why Apostle Paul was so effective at being influential was that he supported himself, created free time that allowed him to pursue God’s assignment. Jesus taught His disciples that the Kingdom of God – a spiritual Kingdom could affect the natural world. He also made it clear that the Kingdom of God was of increase. Everything in God’s kingdom increases and that includes money. Your business will multiply if you operate under Kingdom principles. Financial multiplication is one indication that the Kingdom is operating in your life. The reason for multiplication is to live a life of ‘purpose and destiny’.

D] He wants your family to own a business [Numbers 33:51-54]
Every family among Abraham’s descendants owned a business. How did that happen? – God Himself set up Abraham’s descendants in the “Promised Land.” He then told the leaders to divide the land so each family could own a part. Each family was given the task to cultivate and farm it so that it would produce more than enough for each year, eat some, procure things needed, give those in need, and have plenty left over. God wants this of you and your family.

E] He wants you to pursue His Kingdom Principles to profit [Matthew 6:31-33; Luke 5:4-7; Malachi 3]
God wants us to live worry-free lives amidst problems! Because He shows us the way out in His Word! When we pursue His Kingdom Principles, we will find answers to all our needs – including wealth without stress. It will produce more than what labor can. Simon Peter and others funded their lives and families doing significant travel mentioned in the Gospels and the Book of Acts that was financed. They started business and gained political influence. Apostle Paul set up a profitable business which funded his own missionary – travel rather than solely depending on contributions of others. Acts 18

If you want to know how to profit in life:
Labor [Proverbs 14:23] and Live by the Principles of the King of Kings [Matthew 6:33; Malachi 3].
It is God who teaches you to profit because that’s His desire to see you prosper, wealthy, make good profit, own a business – and all you have to do is practice His Kingdom principles.

One day when you stand at Heaven’s Gates – the other side of eternity beyond death may you never say you could not fulfill your God-given destiny because all the time you were concerned of how to pay my bills – rather may you say I have run the race, finished the course fulfilled my destiny. May you hear His sweet voice saying: “Well done thou good and faithful servant!”

Be Blessed!

Fruit of the Lips — Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

What you say locates you. What you say determines what another sees. The words you speak may be considered windows, walls, doors or bridges.

Hear and Be Healed – Prophet Dr. Tony Mathias

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